School nurses: An investment in student achievement 

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ERIN D. MAUGHAN (; @ErinNasn) is director of research at the National Association of School Nurses in Silver Spring, Md.  



    This is an EXCELLENT article. I’m sending this to our state governor. In Texas school nurses are not mandatory. I think I’ve proven to our school district the value of having a school nurse on campus of one or more buildings.

    Joye Fuller, BSN, RN
    Eula ISD
    Clyde, Tx

  • Sarah

    I have been an LPN for 44 years, working no at different hospitals, Dr.s offices, and have been a school nurse for going on 10 years! My lead nurse is an RN and she trusts my judgement. A school nurse doesn’t have to have her BSN to know what they are doing! Common sense is a big plus also! I have 480 students that are kept in school and are for the most part very healthy! I care for type1 diabetics daily and am in touch with their Dr.s and office nurses if they have problems! We work for little pay, long days, and angry parents! Name calling rude folks that feel you should be Dr., Lawyer, and total caregiver to their children!

    • Joy

      Sarah -LPNs are very valuable and I don’t think this article was discounting that at all. I started as an LPN but knew that my opportunities were limited so made the choice the to get my RN. LPNs cannot function independently – per the Nurse Practice Act – you have to be supervised by an RN – that’s just the way it is. I’m sure after 44 years you have learned a lot- I know I have after 39 years. Don’t be defensive. I feel that I should be able to be credentialed as a Certified School Nurse but I can’t and my school is not going to let me go because I’m not. I’m sure that if you have been at your school for 10 years, they must love you!

  • Kelley

    What a well written paper. Just as hospitals and health care facilities push for Magnet status with the hiring of Master’s prepared RN’s, I agree that our schools benefit from an RN in the building as well. I have been an RN for over 20 years, with the last 12 in the school setting and have had population totals from 650 to 3000 with myself as the only nurse in the building. The acuity and increase in schools mandates a nurse for optimal health care and academic success of our children.

    Kelley Toler BSN RN
    Richmond, VA

  • Rose Moore BSN, RN

    Thank you so much Erin for writing this outstanding article to spread the word about school nurses and why it is important to have a RN in each school. I work in an elementary school which the parents and students depend on the school nurse for pretty much everything. At my school, their are several challenges that the students and parents face so I just try to do my best to make a difference in the lives of every student.

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