Illustrator guidelines

Kappan addresses issues related to K-12 education. Because policy decisions influence practice, we are very interested in the implications and implementation of policy changes. We understand that higher education faculty who are preparing the next generation of teachers and school leaders have a great deal to contribute to the discussion of K-12 education. We want to encourage conversations that inspire changes in practice that lead to improved student learning. We are not an activist publication, but we are active educators who believe that the quality of our work can have an impact on schools throughout the world. Visual elements in the magazine, including cartoons, should relate to this content.

Kappan prefers to choose from (and is more likely to buy) work that features diverse people in a variety of roles. Remember — not all principals are men, not all elementary teachers are women, not all people are white. Adults in schools sometimes interact with one another instead of with children. And, for the cartoonists, not all troublemakers are boys and not all elementary teachers who are women are mean. And, just once in a great while, could the cat beat the dog to the homework?

Artists are selected to receive assignments based on samples and their previous experience. Many types of media are appropriate — pencil, graphite, acrylic, gouache, wash, ink, paper collage, construction — and should be submitted as digital art sent via e-mail.

Illustrators are expected to work from the original manuscript, concept notes or the design director’s sketches to come up with several roughs or thumbnail sketches to show a choice of concepts and compositions. These may then be selected, refined or altered by the editors or design director.

To be considered for freelance assignments or stock purchases, please send a link to your web portfolio to

The general time frame for illustration assignments is two to three weeks from the assignment to the final deadline.

Photographers, illustrators and cartoonists retain copyright to work that we publish unless we have specified another agreement.

We pay upon publication and after receiving your invoice. We do not pay for incomplete, late or unacceptable work.

Payment for photographs, illustrations and cartoons is for full, nonexclusive print and electronic use, which may include distribution of, through third-party vendors such as Sage Publications, full text and PDFs of articles that include illustrations, photographs and/or cartoons.

We provide two copies of the issue in which the work appears.

Send samples to: Please do not telephone with inquiries or send unsolicited original work.


Photographer’s guidelines

Kappan rarely hires photographers for specific assignments.

We are most interested in looking at stock photos depicting a variety of school situations. Some subjects that we would like to see include racially and ethnically diverse students in classrooms or engaged in educational projects and groups of teachers and administrators interacting with one another and/or with children.

We sometimes need photos of specific age groups — kindergarten, early elementary, late elementary, middle or high school students. We will only use photographs of children that have model releases signed by parents. We also cover some topics that work best with people turned away from the camera or in shadow.

Do not mail unsolicited original prints. We are not responsible for the loss of unsolicited work and we will not return submissions without an SASE of sufficient size and postage.

We prefer to review photography portfolios online. E-mail your web site information to