Don’t eliminate homework. Make it more effective 

    Find ways to give students feedback as they work.    A 10-year-old in Colorado dialed 911 last April looking for help . . . with his math homework. He was stuck trying to divide 71 by 3,052, and, without his teacher or parents nearby, he didn’t know where else to turn. After listening …
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  • For professors, segregation begins at home 

    Schools are intensely segregated in many of the nation’s (outwardly progressive) college towns.

  • Why read slowly?

    In order to preserve civilization, we need to teach a critical mass of young people the skills to ruminate over a challenging text.

  • The new ‘How People Learn’: Culture matters

    A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine puts a research spotlight on issues that matter to educators.

  • The silent strike: Teacher attrition as resistance 

    Taking to the streets in protest is not the only way teachers react to poor working conditions.

  • Patriotism and perspective: Teaching ‘Born in the U.S.A.’

    The famous Bruce Springsteen anthem provides an avenue to deep discussions about multiple ways to understand a text.

  • NAEP benchmarks: Neither useful nor credible

    It's time for educators to speak up about the proposal to make NAEP benchmarks the de facto definition of student proficiency.

  • Betraying our immigrant students

    A survey of educators reveals that current immigration policies are having harmful effects on a wide range of students and the adults who work with them.

  • What we all need to know about vaping 

    Far from a safe alternative to cigarettes, electronic nicotine delivery devices present the same risks of addiction as other forms of tobacco use.

  • School (over) choice? 

    Does more equal better in the world of school choice? Or might more just mean more confusion and less certainty for the parents who must choose?


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