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District secession, teachers who met DeVos, jailed students in Pittsburgh, & more of today’s #ednews

New Districts Reignite School Segregation Debate in Alabama… via @WSJ What 5 Michigan teachers said about their meeting with Betsy DeVos From school to jail: How hundreds of [...]

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Affirmative action revisited, Newark’s return to local control, and more of today’s #ednews

  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Affirmative Action Battle Has a New Focus: Asian-Americans… Justice Department calls for review of race-based college admissions, alarming civil rights groups Trump administration reopens volatile [...]

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Best and worst education writing for July

July wasn’t a great month for education journalism. Maybe it’s the summer heat, or vacation plans. Maybe it’s the distractions and outrages of the Trump administration (both real and media-inflamed). [...]

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Best schools (MA), SAT scores (CT), safe schools (NYC), and more #ednews

Survey: Massachusetts has best, safest schools… SAT Scores Improve Among Connecticut 11th-Graders, But Achievement Gap Remains Last In, First Out No Longer the Rule for Teacher Layoffs @The74 [...]

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Homeless students, Medicaid funding, bilingual education, & more #ednews

  Washington state has more homeless students than most states, and their numbers keep growing… Wisconsin Education Chief Tony Evers Files to Run for Governor With high schools [...]

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Morning #ednews features computer science spike, new charter school study, & more

Tens Of Thousands More Women And Minorities Are Taking Computer Science… U.C. Irvine Rescinds Acceptances for Hundreds of Applicants… Do charter schools hurt their neighboring schools? A new [...]

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Best of the week, featuring Vox, the New York Times, and the Dallas Morning News

BEST OF THE WEEK Vox’s big school segregation piece is a strong follow-up to its January look at white self-segregation (and is written by the same journalist, Alvin Chang). The most important [...]

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Friday morning’s #ednews, presented in order of importance

STATES 📰 States bristle as DeVos and Department of Education critique their K-12 plans via @NewsHour 📰 Tennessee high schoolers post higher test scores, but some subjects remain a [...]

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NAACP blasts for-profit charters, MA moves away from English-only law, & all of today’s #ednews

NAACP The NAACP Has A Plan To Overhaul The Nation's Charter Schools… NAACP: School choice not the answer to improving education for black students NAACP calls for end [...]

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#Ednews of the day, in order of importance

There are 2.4 million fewer college students than there were five years ago… Computer science push focuses on unrepresented pupils… Are States Taking the Trump Ed. Dept.'s ESSA [...]

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Worst education journalism of the year (2016-2017)

Presenting the nominees for worst decision, worst coverage, worst story, and worst journalist. By Alexander Russo For many educators and students, it’s fast approaching time to go back to school. [...]

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States pondering testing changes, D.C. ignored ghost suspensions, and more #ednews

STATES New federal rules are pushing Indiana to explore giving state tests in Spanish… Ohio’s ESSA Reboot: State School Leaders Make Big Pivot After Outcry Over Testing Requirements @The74 [...]

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Monday morning #ednews mish-mash

Two Hundred Teachers Brave the Heat to Protest Trump's Education Agenda NJ Governor Chris Christie Signs Bill Protecting Trans Students… [See also ABC News] Weingarten Speech Tying School Choice [...]

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Best of the week (July 17-21, 2017)

BEST OF THE WEEK There was lots of the usual DeVos outrage coverage this week, but the big education story had to be the Washington Post’s investigation showing that some D.C. [...]

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School board race reveals chronic gaps in political coverage

By Alexander Russo This story is co-published with the Columbia Journalism Review, a nonprofit project to encourage excellence in journalism. You might not know it if you live outside of [...]

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Weingarten and DeVos trade attacks, Chicago loses kids, more #ednews

    DEVOS/WEINGARTEN COVERAGE Teachers union chief: School choice rooted in segregation… AFT chief: DeVos' choice proposals are 'polite cousins of segregation' DeVos tells conservative lawmakers what they [...]

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NAACP in Baltimore, DeVos in Denver, Inflated HS GPAs, & More #EdNews

Facing a changing political landscape, NAACP national convention comes to Baltimore [“We're not saying we hate charter schools,” Russell said.] Easy A? Nearly half of HS seniors graduate with A average [...]

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ESSA concerns, DeVos does ALEC, Kansas funding fight, & more #ednews

ESSA Bipartisan Concerns Mount Over DeVos' Guidance on New Education Law | Education News | US News… House Republicans Warn Education Dept. on ESSA Overreach as Democrats Lament Lack [...]

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Ghost Suspensions in DC, NY State ESSA Plan, Calls for DeVos Staffer Resignation, & More #EdNews

Some D.C. high schools are reporting only a fraction of suspensions Kansas faces skeptical state Supreme Court on school funding… Student suspensions will now be used in New [...]

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Test scores, education cuts, black hair & more #ednews

CT test scores: Math achievement up slightly, English down a bit… Changes to teacher tenure law on hold in Sacramento. Again.… Leader of Hartford school choice program resigns [...]

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Best Education Journalism of the Week (July 7-15, 2017)

BEST OF THE WEEK ESSA implementation coverage is continuing to come along nicely. While ESSA is supposed to make things easier for them, states aren’t necessarily liking the feedback they’re getting from [...]

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DeVos addresses college sex assault, House ignores Trump choice plan & more #ednews

SEX ASSAULT RULES DeVos says she will revisit Obama-era sexual assault policies… DeVos: Too many college students have been treated unfairly under Obama-era sexual assault policy… DeVos on [...]

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House spending plan, state ESSA plans, DeVos aide apologizes & more #ednews

HOUSE BUDGET House committee considers education spending bill that trims Trump’s cuts, drops funding for private choice… House education spending plan's cuts less severe than Trump budget GOP [...]

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Wednesday Morning #EdNews Roundup

Trump tossed Obama’s healthy meals, but not wellness goals… Some New York City Students Not Getting Therapy Services, Report Says… Betsy DeVos and Newt Gingrich will be in [...]

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Test Results, ESSA Plans, Sanders Investigation, & Personalized Learning – #EdNews

Arkansas Students Inch Up Test Scores In Second Year Of ACT Aspire Examination Trump Ed. Dept.: High-Achieving Massachusetts Has Some ESSA Work to Do 1 of 4 African-American [...]

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