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#EdNews: ESSA Plans, Voucher News, Minority Parent Poll Results

ESSA Education Plans Lack Clarity on Disadvantaged Students, Worst Schools | Education News | US News… Review of ESSA Plans Rates States Strong on Accountability, Weak on Counting All [...]

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Morning Mashup – #EdNews

Cuomo: NY lawmakers should return to cut deal on NYC schools… via @HoustonChron Does It Matter Who Runs New York City’s Schools?… NYC charter school power could grow [...]

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Best of the Week (June 18-24, 2017)

BEST OF THE WEEK The best piece of journalism I came across this week by far was Darren Sands’ look at What Happened To Black Lives Matter? Published on BuzzFeed, Sands’ [...]

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Today’s #EdNews: Teacher Mentors, Diverse Schools, Charters>Mayoral Control

Mentors for New Teachers Found to Boost Student Achievement—by a Lot - Teaching Now - Education Week Teacher Charter sector secures win in Albany, clearing a path for deal [...]

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Federal Confusion, District Secession, Mayoral Control – #EdNews

THE FEDS CA, like others, waiting for more from feds on ESSA plans… Ed. Dept. Budget Plan Hammered by Both Sides in Congress… via @educationweek Ex-lobbyists swarm Trump [...]

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Mayoral Control (NYC), DeVos Decisions, Next Steps for LAUSD, & More #EdNews

MAYORAL CONTROL Duncan Implores Albany to Find Compromise on Mayoral Control of NYC Schools | Observer Obama's education secretary throws de Blasio a charter school curveball via @nypmetro [...]

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What’s Hot at the Investigative Reporters Conference Starting Tomorrow?

Data visualization. Public record searches. Intense, flight-defeating heat. This year’s annual Investigative Reporters and Editors conference (in Phoenix) has it all -- and education journalism and education journalists are a part [...]

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Spotlight on NYC Schools, Kids & Gun Violence, DeVos Dollars, & More #EdNews

ALL EYES ON NYC When the School Building Itself Is a Barrier to Equal Education… From power to paperwork: New York City principals adjust to a reined-in role under [...]

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#EdNews: Worksite Charters, Dallas Diversity, & DACA Reprieve (For Now)

Dreamers’ to Stay in U.S. for Now, but Long-Term Fate Is Unclear - The New York Times States test worksite charter schools for company kids… D.C. schools leader [...]

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Best of the Week (June 10-16, 2017)

BEST OF THE WEEK Probably the biggest education-related news out there this week was the Thursdaynight revelation that the Trump administration will continue deferred action (know as DACA) for tons [...]

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DACA Decision, LGBTQ Controversy, & More Friday #EdNews

DACA, LGBTQ, CIVIL RIGHTS Trump Will Allow ‘Dreamers’ to Stay in U.S., Reversing Campaign Promise - The New York Times The Education Department Quietly Invited Anti-LGBT Groups To A [...]

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DeVos Delays, Pre-K Problems, Digital Divide – #EdNews

DEVOS Betsy DeVos delays 2 Obama-era rules designed to protect students from predatory for-profit colleges… Betsy DeVos Is Halting Protections For For-Profit College Students… How Betsy DeVos Could [...]

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Problems with the New York Times’ Google takeover story

A recent New York Times article seriously overstates its case for a Google takeover in education. By Richard Lee Colvin The headline of last month’s New York Times front page [...]

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DeVos Addresses Charter Conference, LAUSD Makes Big Decisions, & More #EdNews

DEVOS DeVos Delivers Tough Love to Charter School Advocates | Education News | US News… DeVos says some charter school ‘reformers’ have become ‘just another breed of bureaucrats’… [...]

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Diverse Sources Needed — Regardless of the Topic

Stories about race aren’t the only ones that should quote people of color By Tara García Mathewson When education reporter Lillian Mongeau wrote a story for The Hechinger Report last [...]

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NY Shortens Testing, Study Measures Charter Network Impacts, & More #EdNews

NY is cutting Common Core testing from 6 days to 4 days via @DandC In NY, math and English tests will be cut by one day each… What [...]

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Monday Morning #EdNews

To Understand Betsy DeVos’s Educational Views, View Her Education To Be His 'Most Authentic Self,' Brookline Elementary School Principal Announces He's Transgender | WBUR News Charter school union votes [...]

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De Blasio Rolls Out Integration Plan, Plus More Friday #EdNews

NYC INTEGRATION PLAN Digging into details of mayor’s diversity plan, critics see easy goals and iffy approaches… De Blasio Won’t Call New York Schools ‘Segregated’ but Defends His Diversity [...]

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#EdNews To Read Until Comey Hearing Starts

Trump Appointee In Office Overseeing Sex Ed Programs Is A Major Abstinence Advocate ProPublica collected 349 disclosure forms detailing Trump administration officials’ financial holdings.… In Ohio, suburban school [...]

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In PTA Fundraising Story, New York Times Highlights Atypical Revenue-Sharing Plan

By Manny Otiko Earlier this spring, New York Times national education reporter Dana Goldstein reported on an increasingly hot topic in education: parent fundraising. The front-page April 8 article focused [...]

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DeVos Budget Testimony, NYC Diversity Plan, & More #EdNews

DEVOS APPEARANCE DeVos questioned on discrimination protections in private schools Senators Hammer at DeVos on Planned Budget Cuts, Proposed Vouchers… DeVos non-committal on private school LGBT discrimination… [...]

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Best & Worst Of May 2017

By Alexander Russo What a busy month May was for education journalism! THE BEST  The Slate/Teacher Project collaboration produced another big series in May, focused on the issue of online [...]

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DeVos Visits White House (Then Senate), Billionaires “Remaking” Schools, & Latest Superintendent Trend (Insiders)

ALL THINGS DEVOS DeVos Returns to the Senate: 6 Education Issues She’s Sure to Face During Tuesday’s Testimony… DeVos Appoints First Amendment Advocate to Key Position Private schools [...]

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Military Vouchers, DeVos Sighting, Deported Parents, & More #EdNews

MILITARY VOUCHERS As Trump pushes school choice, Heritage wants to let 800K military kids use public dollars for private education… Proposal To Award School Choice To Military Children… [...]

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Best Education Journalism of the Week (May 29-June 3, 2017)

BEST OF THE WEEK There wasn’t anything that totally stopped me in my tracks this week – let me know if I missed anything? – but there was no shortage [...]

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