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The NYT Corrected Its ESSA Regs Repeal Story 

Spanish-Language Education News Lagging, Despite Parents’ Needs http://ow.ly/IT8u30a1Xlv

The NYT Just Hired Tampa Bay Times’ Mike “Failure Factories” LaForgia and Houston Chronicle’s Brian Rosenthal (whose special education investigation rocked Texas schools) 

The News Revenue Hub includes Voice of San Diego (feat. Mario Koran) NOLA’s The Lens (feat. Marta Jewson)  https://twitter.com/NiemanLab/status/805799021285703681

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Washington Post: Town hall erupts in boos when Republican senator says she ‘carefully vetted’ Betsy DeVos

Chalkbeat: Yes, Congress scrapped Obama-era education rules. But states say little is changing https://t.co/LNRSGljtDs

Washington Post: White House courting of HBCUs ends with disappointing budget  washingtonpost.com/news/grade-poi…

LA Times: California’s New Education Rating tool paints a far rosier picture than in the past https://t.co/QdG2OsY2f7

EdWeek: A-F School Rankings Draw Local Pushback https://t.co/IGpQEacNhd

CNN: Booker: I have not changed on school choice http://ow.ly/Rfba30a23Xw


NYT: President Trump’s budget is out. Now the lobbying begins.

Washington Post:Trump administration says federally funded afterschool programs are ineffective. Researchers say that isn’t true https://t.co/5OK2VvdseC

Independent: After-school programs for 1.6 million kids hit by Trump budget independent.co.uk/news/world/ame…


KUT: 60 Years Ago, Resistance to Integration In Texas Led to School Voucher Plan http://kut.org/post/60-years-ago-resistance-integration-texas-led-school-voucher-plan

💯 Baltimore Sun: Bridging the divide: The struggle to move past segregated schools https://t.co/BTrQm1IK1B 💯

Forbes: 83 percent of America’s Top High School Science Students are the Children of Immigrants https://t.co/rb9mbioWTP


AZ Central: A hidden tribe, a disastrous school and finally, a cry for help

Hechinger Report: Why six states [Idaho, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Utah, WY, & MT] still spend nothing on preschool https://t.co/W9DTHkKcIE

The 74: DeVos Pitches New ESSA Flexibility to Big-City Schools Leaders, Gets Tepid Response https://t.co/oAsg5KmyZt

MinnPost: Chronic Absence is the most important education problem in Minnesota that no one is talking about https://t.co/tZaWAgTGK9


ProPublica: Nothin’ but Debt: Some NCAA Tournament Schools Give Low-Income Students the Best Shot https://t.co/OqB8jp9wFh