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This year’s big investigative journalism conference doesn’t seem to have as much education-specific programming as last year, but there’s still lots to do.

This year’s Investigative Reporters & Editors (IRE) conference in Orlando doesn’t seem quite as education-focused as it was last year in Phoenix, when Nikole Hannah-Jones was a keynote speaker and there were panels on everything from special education to FERPA.

But there’s still lots for education journalists who are there to take in, including panels on vouchers, bias, immigrant and Native communities, and reporting while female.

And there are lots of folks who are going to be there. Some of the many education journalists (and friends of education journalism) who are going to be there include Adam Harris, Arianna Prothero, Leslie Postal, Nadege Green, Annie Martin, Nicole Dungca, Brittny Mejia, Bethany Barnes, Lauren Caruba, Melissa Korn, Carrie Jung, and Perla Trevizo.

Here are some highlights:

Schools without rules (Thursday)

Investigating access to higher education (Thursday)

Investigating bias: From courts to the classroom (Friday)

#MeToo U: Sexual assault on campus (Saturday)

Charter schools and vouchers (Saturday)

Sourcing while female (Saturday)

Using solutions journalism to make your investigations stronger (Sunday)

Here is a day-by-day schedule of panels you might want to check out (or read about on Twitter) over the next few days:


Emerging tools for investigative journalists

How to learn from a fail

Schools without rules

Investigating inequality

Finding immigration stories in data about communities and people

Mass shooting contagion and media coverage: Minimizing the risks

Covering hate in America (Sponsored by the Southern Poverty Law Center)

Investigating access to higher education (Sponsored by Lumina Foundation)

Looking for accountability on the recovery efforts In Puerto Rico

The tools and apps every reporter should know (Sponsored by Knight Foundation)


How to turn your investigation into a narrative: Getting them to read to the very last word

Reporting on guns

Finding data and context in Native communities

Finding stories in hidden communities

Investigating bias: From courts to the classroom


Covering immigrant communities

Localizing the investigation: Sexual misconduct

When the system is the abuser: Investigating injustice in child welfare

#MeToo U: Sexual assault on campus

Finding the story: Immigration

Uncovering the untold stories of Muslim Americans

Charter schools and vouchers

Sourcing while female


Using solutions journalism to make your investigations stronger


The hashtag is #IRE18. The full schedule can be found here.

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