October 2017 – Table of Contents

PHI DELTA KAPPAN • October 2017 • Vol. 99, No. 2

8        The distracted student mind — enhancing its focus and attention — Larry D. Rosen

15      Reading in a digital age — Naomi S. Baron

21     Going outdoors: A natural antidote for attention fatigue? — Eileen G. Merritt


26     The shame of shaming — Joan F. Goodman

32     For teachers, a better kind of pension plan — Marcus A. Winters

37      To engage students, give them meaningful choices in the classroom — Frieda Parker, Jodie Novak, and Tonya Bartell

42     The big picture: How many people influence a student’s life? — Kim Marshall

46     Educating students for an outdated world — Steven Wolk

53     All sizzle and no steak: Value-added model doesn’t add value in Houston — Audrey Amrein-Beardsley and Tray Geiger

60    Teachers are designers: Addressing problems of practice in education — Danah Henriksen and Carmen Richardson

65    A schoolwide investment in problem-based learning — Paul S. Sutton and Randy Knuth


4        THE EDITOR’S NOTE: The medium is us — Joan Richardson

6        HIGHLIGHTED & UNDERLINED: A notebook of short but worthy items

72      LEADERSHIP: Using Advanced Placement as a lever for social justice — Joshua P. Starr

74      WASHINGTON VIEW: Could American support for public education be slipping? — Maria Ferguson

76      UNDER THE LAW: The privacy of a student’s backpack — Julie Underwood

79      PDK CONNECTION: Organizational news about PDK International

80     BACKTALK: Motivating students to turn the page on reading — Lauren Porosoff