November 2017 – Table of Contents

PHI DELTA KAPPAN • November 2017 • Vol. 99, No. 3

8        Blurring the boundary between high school and college: The long view — Robert L. Hampel

13      Blending high school and college: Blurring the boundary sharpens the focus — Joel Vargas, Sarah Hooker, and Carol Gerwin

19      In Delaware, creating pathways and opportunities for youth — Robert Rothman

25      Creating good problems: Redesigning high school for college success — Ted Domers


30     Can we talk about race? An interview with Beverly Daniel Tatum — Joan Richardson

37      Learning to lead for racial equity — Gislaine Ngounou and Nancy Gutierrez

42      Edcamps are for principals, too — Jayme N. Linton, Jeffrey P. Carpenter, and Steven Weber

46      Why I’m not involved: Parental involvement from a parent’s perspective — Jung-ah Choi

50      Social media is the new player in the politics of education — Jonathan Supovitz

56      Arming students against bad information — Maribeth D. Smith

59    Leading for literacy: Engaging schools and districts in transforming subject-area literacy — Ruth Schoenbach and Cynthia Greenleaf

65    Gerrymandering educational opportunity — Meredith P. Richards


4       THE EDITOR’S NOTE: Good enough for my kid?  — Joan Richardson

6       HIGHLIGHTED & UNDERLINED: A notebook of short but worthy items

72     LEADERSHIP: The paradox of standardized testing — Joshua P. Starr

74     WASHINGTON VIEW: 3 ways Congress can support public education — Maria Ferguson

76      UNDER THE LAW: When federal and state laws differ: The case of private schools and the IDEA  — Julie Underwood

79      PDK CONNECTION: Organizational news about PDK International

80     BACKTALK: The plight of the engaged scholar — Jack Schneider