November 2016 – Table of Contents

PHI DELTA KAPPAN • November 2016 • Vol. 98, No. 3


8          The right network for the right problem – Louis M. Gomez, Jennifer L. Russell, Anthony S. Bryk, Paul G. LeMahieu, and Eva M. Mejia

16        Getting better together – Kristen MacConnell and Stacey Caillier

23        A better research-practice partnership – Erin Henrick, Marco A. Muñoz, and Paul Cobb

28        Opening your door to research – Melody Zoch and Ann D. David


34        Microcredentials: Teacher learning transformed – Barnett Berry, Kathleen M. Airhart, and P. Ann Byrd

41        Growing mastery in NYC – Joy Nolan

49        Making grades more meaningful – Craig Hochbein and Marty Pollio

55        Making a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. first impression – Adam Dovico

60        The best of both worlds – Jack Schneider, Joe Feldman, and Dan French

68        What a blind student taught me to see – Caroline Caswell


4        THE EDITOR’S NOTE: Getting better at learning – Joan Richardson

6        HIGHLIGHTED & UNDERLINED: A notebook of short but worthy items

72       LEADERSHIP: Values: Why do we believe what we believe? – Joshua P. Starr

74       WASHINGTON VIEW: Still trying to get equity right – Maria Ferguson

76       UNDER THE LAW: Expanded support for homeless – Julie Underwood

79       PDK CONNECTION: Organizational news about PDK International

80       BACKTALK: How sex ed made me a better teacher – Jonathan Eckert