May 2017 – Table of Contents

PHI DELTA KAPPAN • May 2017 • Volume 98 Number 8


8          Solving the teacher shortage: Revisiting the lessons we’ve learned — Barnett Berry and Patrick M. Shields

19        Sticky schools: How to find and keep teachers in the classroom — Anne Podolsky, Tara Kini, Joseph Bishop, and Linda Darling-Hammond

26        Burnout factories: The challenge of retaining great teachers in charter schools  — Mark Fusco

31        The power and potential of teacher residencies — Roneeta Guha, Maria E. Hyler, and Linda Darling-Hammond

38        Show what you know — Dan Brown and Dwight E. Rhodes

43        Putting paraeducators on the path to teacher certification  — Judith Morrison and Lindsay Lightner


48        Cultivating a school-university partnership for teacher learning — Catherine H. Reischl, Debi Khasnabis, and Kevin Karr

54        Making teaching visible through learning opportunities — Bradley A. Ermeling, Ronald Gallimore, and James Hiebert

59        Valuing differences: Neurodiversity in the classroom — Barb Rentenbach, Lois Prislovsky, and Rachael Gabriel

64        Madam Secretary, help us improve social-emotional learning — Maurice J. Elias, Samuel J. Nayman, Joan C. Duffell, and Sarah A. Kim


4          THE EDITOR’S NOTE: The lure of teaching — Joan Richardson

6          HIGHLIGHTED & UNDERLINED: A notebook of short but worthy items  — Joan Richardson

70        LEADERSHIP: Organizing for adaptive change management — Joshua P. Starr

72        WASHINGTON VIEW: The shape of the federal role in education — Maria Ferguson

74        UNDER THE LAW: You say ‘records,’ and I say ‘data’ — Julie Underwood

76        KAPPAN call for manuscripts, 2017-18

79        PDK CONNECTION: Organizational news about PDK International

80        BACKTALK: What’s wrong with imagining you’re a 5th grader? — Stacey van der Veen and Erin Marie Furtak