March 2018 – Table of Contents

PHI DELTA KAPPAN • March 2018 • Vol. 99, No. 6


8          Affinity spaces: How young people live and learn online and out of school — James Paul Gee

14        The commercial side of virtual play worlds — Tolga Kargin

20        The data on children’s media use: An interview with Michael Robb — Rafael Heller

27        Why we need a new approach to teaching digital literacy — Joel Breakstone, Sarah McGrew, Mark Smith, Teresa Ortega, and Sam Wineburg

33        Literacy instruction for life online — Angela M. Kohnen and E. Wendy Saul



39        When trauma hinders learning — Donald A. Barr

45        Deep rivers of learning — Guy Claxton

49        Building trust, elevating voices, and sharing power — Kristen Davidson and Madeleine Case

54         In praise of assessment (done right) — Kim Marshall

60        Identifying what matters — Peter Wardrip, Jeffrey Evancho, and Annie McNamara

64        Making mentoring work — Nina F. Weisling and Wendy Gardiner


4          THE EDITOR’S NOTE: The more things change … — Rafael Heller

6          HIGHLIGHTED AND UNDERLINED: A notebook of short but worthy items

70        LEADERSHIP: Two challenges for community schools — Joshua P. Starr

72        WASHINGTON VIEW: What’s on the horizon? — Maria Ferguson

74        UNDER THE LAW: School uniforms, dress codes, and free expression: What’s the balance? — Julie Underwood

76        Kappan Call for Manuscripts, 2018-19

79        PDK CONNECTION: Organizational news about PDK International

80        BACKTALK: The role of mentors in reducing chronic absenteeism — Susan G. Weinberger and Janet B. Forbush