February 2018 – Table of Contents

PHI DELTA KAPPAN • February 2018 • Vol. 99, No. 5

Community schools

8              It takes a community: Community schools provide opportunities for all — Reuben Jacobson, Lisa Villarreal, José Muñoz, and Robert Mahaffey

15             Moving from survival to fulfillment: A planning framework for community schools — Wendy E. Shaia and Nadine Finigan-Carr

19             A powerful convergence: Community schools and early childhood education — David Jacobson

25            Districts embrace the community to benefit all students — Patricia Weinzapfel

31             School-based coordinators link students to community resources — Frank Walter

34            Comal County, Texas: Preparing for life after high school — Frank Walter

36            Baltimore: A multifaceted approach to developing relationships — Rachel E. Durham, Jessica Shiller, and Faith Connolly

38            Charlotte: Integrated student support makes a difference — Frank Walter

39            Deciphering the magic of community school leadership — Ted Purinton, Carlos Azcoitia, and Karen Carlson

44           City Connects prompts data-driven action in community schools in the Bronx — Alyssa Haywoode

47          District partners support students’ mental health — Laura Elliot



51          Looking to near peers to guide student discussions about race — Donna Rich Kaplowitz, Jasmine A. Lee, and Sheri L. Seyka

56           The power of hmm …: Bringing life (back) to words in the classroom — Jeremy Glazer

61            Never too early to learn: Antibias education for young children — Jennifer Hooven, Katherine Runkle, Laurie Strouse, Misty Woods, and Erica Frankenberg

67          Less arguing, more listening: Improving civility in classrooms — Margaret Crocco, Anne-Lise Halvorsen, Rebecca Jacobsen, and Avner Segall


4               THE EDITOR’S NOTE: Moving on — Joan Richardson

6               HIGHLIGHTED & UNDERLINED: A notebook of short but worthy items

72             LEADERSHIP: Let’s be honest about local school governance — Joshua P. Starr

74             WASHINGTON VIEW: New tax plan provides little cheer for education — Maria Ferguson

76             UNDER THE LAW: Education as an American right?  — Julie Underwood

78             PDK CONNECTION: Organizational news about PDK International

80            BACKTALK: School (over) choice? — Todd L. Pittinsky