The Grade

ICYMI: Teacher walkout coverage, spring favorites, & NAEP 2018 scores

THE BEST OF THE WEEK Though we mentioned it last week, ProPublica’s A Betrayal (above) is this week’s best education story. Focusing on an immigrant high school student who tried to get out of the gang he felt trapped in, it also features a high school English teacher who first read his confession, a gang-fearing school system, …
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ICYMI: Republican flip-flop (on edfunding), Chalkbeat doubles down (on storytelling), & other great education reporting

THE BEST OF THE WEEK The best education journalism produced this week is Michael Scherer’s Washington Post article about Republican lawmakers changing course and now supporting higher education spending: Why Republicans are now bragging about their investments in education. In it, the national politics reporter describes the dynamics (and tactics) behind what he calls “a major …
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