Microcredentials show what you know

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Giving beginning teachers — as early as high school students exploring teaching — opportunities to demonstrate what they know is one strategy for enhancing the profession. By Dan Brown and Dwight E. Rhodes Over the past decade, the concept of personalized student learning has taken center stage in discussions about educational improvement. Now it’s time [...]

Revising the role of principal supervisor


Principal supervisors are part coach, part evaluator. They keep their principals focused on teaching and learning. By Amy Saltzman There were dark moments that first year. In 2014, Principal Elizabeth Namba inherited a school that faced multiple challenges, including a troubling achievement gap, drastically decreased enrollment, and a growing suspension rate. But when she found [...]

Solving the teacher shortage: Revisiting the lessons we’ve learned


Years ago, many states came up with effective ways to address teacher shortages only to see those efforts dismantled for political reasons. It is time to restore them. By Barnett Berry and Patrick M. Shields Over the next decade, we will recruit and hire more than 2 million teachers for America’s schools. More than half [...]

The art of partnerships: Community resources for arts education


The shift from the No Child Left Behind Act to the recently authorized Every Student Succeeds Act could beckon a renaissance of K-12 arts education in the U.S. By Daniel H. Bowen and Brian Kisida When Congress passed the Every Student Succeeds Act in 2015, arts advocates were relieved to see that the new law [...]

Managing stress for at-risk students


A Massachusetts school that specializes in educating highly stressed adolescents offers lessons that could benefit all classrooms.  By Ellen J. Spiegel Jeremy entered the school, visibly angry and despondent. When his homeroom teacher gently asked him how he was doing, there was no response. He sat at his desk with a scowl on his face, [...]

Looking race in the face


Schools that achieve strong results with black students address race directly and teach in ways that empower students to learn. By Derek Mitchell, Jesse Hinueber, and Brian Edwards To promote equality, many educators try to be “colorblind.” They try to look past the race of their students to avoid bias and create a refuge from [...]

Later start time for teens improves grades, mood, and safety


New research shows that high school students benefit in many ways from later start times. By Kyla L. Wahlstrom It all began with a phone call 20 years ago to the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI) at the University of Minnesota in August 1996. The superintendent of Minnesota’s Edina School District was [...]

The right network for the right problem


Tackling challenging educational systems problems — and spurring effective collective action — requires a network designed for that purpose. By Louis M. Gomez, Jennifer L. Russell, Anthony S. Bryk, Paul G. LeMahieu, and Eva M. Mejia Educators are increasingly realizing that individuals working in isolation can’t adequately address the teaching and learning problems facing us [...]

Missing school matters


By Robert Balfanz

The promise of a college scholarship transforms a district


By Gary W. Ritter and Jennifer Ash

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