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Social media use rising, but digital divide persists

The majority of teens ages 13 to 17 report owning their own smartphones (89%) and using social media multiple times per day (70%), according to a new survey by Common Sense Media. That’s double the percentages reported in 2012, when only 41% of respondents reported owning a smartphone and 34% reported using social media multiple …
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ELA instructional shifts

Teachers on the ballot

FAFSA goes mobile

Stories of hate in schools

Consequences of choice in Indiana

In the 2017-18 school year, 35,458 Indiana students received vouchers to attend 318 private schools in the state through the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program, the largest such program in the United States and one that is aimed specifically at low- and modest-income families. (The amount of tuition paid was based on family income.) A study …
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U.S. foreign language learning lags

A portrait of teacher ed

Transforming principal supervision

Breaking down school funding data