Never too early to learn: Antibias education for young children


Important lessons about race, diversity, and equity can and should be taught to children in early childhood and preschool settings. By Jennifer Hooven, Katherine Runkle, Laurie Strouse, Misty Woods, and Erica Frankenberg In July 2016, Pennsylvania State University took over direct supervision of the Child Care Center at Hort Woods, an on-campus preschool and early [...]

It takes a community: Community schools provide opportunities for all

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Everyone benefits when a school assumes responsibility for coordinating services that address the many nonacademic needs of students and their families. By Reuben Jacobson, Lisa Villarreal, José Muñoz, and Robert Mahaffey At one school, a teacher shows up every day with a solid lesson plan and a great attitude. She has most of her students [...]

Looking to near peers to guide student discussions about race


To engage high school students in learning about racial identity and difference, ask college students to lead the discussion. By Donna Rich Kaplowitz, Jasmine A. Lee, and Sheri L. Seyka A black student tweets at a white teammate that it is not OK for him to use the “N” word, and the white teammate tweets [...]

The power of hmm . . . : Bringing life (back) to words in the classroom


  Many students need to be shown explicitly how to engage productively in academic discussions. But teachers should be careful not to stifle the genuine exchange of ideas. By Jeremy Glazer Classrooms can be places where students learn to talk with and listen to others, skills that have become increasingly important at a time when [...]

Less arguing, more listening: Improving civility in classrooms


A study of classroom deliberations in four high schools shows what can go wrong when teachers neglect to prepare students to argue in a civil manner — and it suggests ways to do better.  By Margaret Crocco, Anne-Lise Halvorsen, Rebecca Jacobsen, and Avner Segall Democracy requires civil discourse in which individuals listen to others, even [...]

Kappan’s new editorial team


Rafael Heller (left) and Teresa Preston take on new roles at Kappan magazine. A new team of editors will take the helm at Kappan, effective with the March issue of the magazine. Rafael Heller, who has been managing editor/content, becomes Kappan’s newest editor-in-chief, and Teresa Preston replaces him as managing editor. Carol Bucheri remains at [...]

Top 10 online Kappan stories of 2017


As we bid adieu to 2017, let's take a look back at the most popular Kappan stories of the year. 2018 promises to be an exciting year for We have a new website planned. Podcasts, videos, and more interaction with readers are goals. We welcome your feedback on what we're doing well and what we could [...]

The complicated pursuit of democratic teaching 


Learning about democracy and living democratically present challenges in a high school social studies classroom.  By Brian Gibbs  What constitutes democratic social studies education? Broadly speaking, it is said to include deliberative instructional practice that focuses on controversial issues, explores political themes, and aims to close gaps in students’ civic literacy (e.g., Parker, 2003; Levinson, [...]

Can schools meet the promise of continuous improvement? 


New research offers insights on how leaders can actually make continuous improvement work.  By Mark A. Elgart  “Continuous improvement” has been part of the lexicon of school improvement for decades. Today, it is at least nominally at the heart of efforts to improve instruction both big and small: state accountability systems, district and school improvement plans, protocols [...]

From partisanship to pluralism: Teaching students how to listen to each other 


    A teacher-designed discussion protocol helps high school students have productive conversations about their political beliefs.  By Daniel Sussman  Jack is making noises again. It’s Meeting for Worship, a weekly gathering time at most Quaker schools, set aside for silent reflection, sharing of thoughts, community building, spiritual exploration, and the furtherance of Quaker values like [...]

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