On Leadership

Armed officers in schools: The good, bad, and ugly

In the wake of horrific shootings in Parkland, Fla., and elsewhere, Americans have grown increasingly concerned about school safety. That doesn’t mean they want teachers to carry guns, however. In this year’s PDK poll, only about a third of respondents said they would support that option. By contrast, 80% of parents would favor posting armed …
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The silent, reasonable majority must be heard

Let’s be precise about personalization

2 challenges for community schools 

Let’s be honest about local school governance

  Whenever and wherever school superintendents congregate — whether it’s the national superintendents’ conference, state or regional meetings, or informal dinners — they spend much of their time sharing notes about the care and feeding of their board members. The conversation usually goes something like this: “Hey, how’s it going?” “Great, thanks, except for a …
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The paradox of standardized testing

Using Advanced Placement as a lever for social justice

To lead for equity, learn how the system works