Washington View

The shape of the federal role in education

No matter what President Trump and Secretary DeVos might claim, their power to influence K-12 education is limited — significant, but limited.   Just about everybody thinks they’re an expert on education; after all, just about everybody has been to school. But while many Americans are intimately familiar with their local schools, most have no …
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  • Good time to be a data nerd

    Despite the Trump administration’s worrisome embrace of “alternative facts,” education researchers have cause for optimism: They now have access to richer and more reliable data than ever before.

  • Big change on both sides of the pond

    Two countries confronting worries about jobs and immigration see solutions tied to education.

  • Choice for Secretary of Education

    The new Secretary of Education is likely to have a hard time pushing her school choice agenda.

  • Next up: Team DeVos

    At the Department of Education, Team DeVos is falling into place with many a familiar face to be found.

  • One step forward, two steps back in Maryland

    The influence of a single industry seems to be swaying policy makers to introduce changes in the school calendar at a time when national leaders are calling for more and better time for learning.

  • Washington View: Still trying to get equity right

    An important provision of the original ESEA legislation is getting renewed attention under the Every Student Succeeds Act.

  • Education for the ‘us first’ crowd

    I am not sure how a fragile public education system stands up against the kind of “us first” anger this election revealed.

  • The children are watching

    The adult antics in the political arena are shaping the attitudes of this country’s future voters and participants in the process.

  • Academic emphasis may not be enough for Americans

    New PDK poll suggests the time may be right to infuse academics with more career-readiness.