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Principal needs to master art of feedback not resort to bullying

Q: I work in human resources for a pretty big school district in Ohio. Staff members contact me for help when they feel wronged or bullied. I’ve gotten more than one complaint about a specific principal. One teacher who complained is an underperformer, and the principal is under tremendous pressure from parents and supervisors to …
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Not like the rest: Should teacher conform to be like coworkers?

Q:  I’m a middle school teacher, and I don’t fit the mold at my school. It’s a pretty straight-and-narrow place. People talk about their kids, their new countertops, or the weather. I’m not following a traditional life path. I’m not interested in any of those topics. I often wish I could whip out my phone …
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Teacher can’t resolve ongoing conflict with colleague

Lack of organization puts teacher’s job on the line

New principal is already butting heads with staff