Best of the week (July 28-August 3)

  🏆 COVERING LEBRON JAMES’ NEW SCHOOL 🏆 There was no shortage of coverage of the new LeBron James-funded school opening in Akron this week. Pretty much everyone seemed to think they needed a version of this story. And most of them presented it as a feel-good piece. However, the two smartest pieces I saw were Theresa Cottom’s simple, straightforward piece explaining …
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Best education journalism of the week (July 13, 2018)

🏆 FROM MYANMAR TO SULLIVAN HIGH SCHOOL 🏆 Here’s a great story out this week from The Teacher Project’s Aditi Malhotra, about a refugee from Myanmar who ends up at a Chicago high school. It was published in the Chicago Sun-Times and picked up as one of the week’s best stories by Chicago magazine’s Whet Moser: “He missed …
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