Media maven Mike Petrilli urges education reporters to follow the money

Meet the think tank guy who watches education journalism closely. By Alexander Russo You may know him from Twitter or remember him from his appearance at the opening of last spring’s Education Writers Association national conference. You may have seen his controversial and now-defunct annual ranking of social media influencers in education. But the Fordham Institute’s …
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Teacher strike coverage illustrates need to amplify parent, student voices

A new think tank report on coverage of teacher strikes highlights the need to include more parent and student voices in 2018-2019 coverage. On Monday, a DC-based think tank called the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) put out a report on how the mainstream media covered last school year’s teacher strikes, mixing a bit of praise …
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Best of the week (August 17, 2018)

How Bethany Barnes became a star education reporter

Best of the week (August 4-10, 2018)