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Do it now: Short-term responses to traumatic events


When tragedy strikes, school personnel should perform a range of tasks and roles to minimize harm to children and lay the groundwork for their recovery. By Thomas Demaria and David J. Schonfeld Despite our best prevention efforts, we can’t always protect students from the many stressful and often traumatic experiences they may encounter. In the [...]

Responding to the unthinkable: School crisis response and recovery


Prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery provide a road map when considering — as we all must — the unthinkable on our doorstep. By Katherine C. Cowan and Eric Rossen It’s not if but when. A string of high-profile traumatic events spanning nearly 20 years has proven unequivocally that school crisis response is not a choice; [...]

When a parent complains to a teacher about another teacher 

Career, Career Confidential|

Q: I’m a homeroom teacher in an elementary school. It seems like whenever I leave the school building, a parent is lying in wait, wanting to talk to me about a school issue. They don’t pick up on any hints that it’s neither the time nor the place. I can be literally sitting in my driver’s seat, [...]

There’s a consultant for that: When school districts are doing too much but can’t help themselves 


Consultants can expand a district’s ability to enact change if leaders pay attention to issues of coherence, capacity, and commitment.   By John J. Hall  I have had the privilege of working with a range of schools and school districts where the sense of urgency is palpable and commitment to reform runs high. My efforts on behalf of [...]

Principal needs to master art of feedback not resort to bullying

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Q: I work in human resources for a pretty big school district in Ohio. Staff members contact me for help when they feel wronged or bullied. I’ve gotten more than one complaint about a specific principal. One teacher who complained is an underperformer, and the principal is under tremendous pressure from parents and supervisors to [...]

School districts control teachers’ classroom speech 

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  School boards set the curriculum for schools, and they have the legal right to decide what materials and speech are appropriate for the classroom.  Teachers face particular challenges when they are teaching political or controversial topics in classrooms. They must navigate a narrow passage between delivering the curriculum as required by their local board of education [...]

Phyllis Fagell on what she’s learned through Career Confidential

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Since last spring, Phyllis Fagell has written more than three dozen weekly Career Confidential blogs. Why focus on workplace issues for educators? Because kids aren’t the only ones who come to school every day. The adults working in schools have their own unique challenges — and not all of them are related to students. “When [...]

A lesson in civility: The negativity immigrant students hear 


A survey of immigrant children in the U.S. revealed just how often they hear prejudiced and hateful comments about them and their countries of origin.   By Marcelo Suárez-Orozco, Carola Suárez-Orozco, and Adam Strom   American classrooms today reflect extraordinary diversity. Children originating in every country and every continent on earth are learning to become American. Today, a [...]

Teacher clashes with principal over all-staff email to advertise GSA

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Q: We have rules at my school regarding when it’s appropriate to send an all-staff email. Basically, it needs to pertain to school business. I get that. No one wants their inbox clogged by teachers looking to sell old couches or find an in-network dentist. Still, I was shocked when my principal chastised me for sending [...]

Stand up for good research 

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    In the Trump era, evidence-based policy making appears to be on the wane at the federal level. However, states can and should embrace the best of education research.   Depending on how you look at life in Washington, D.C., the past year either flew by like lightning or oozed like molasses. On the surface, [...]

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