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New principal is already butting heads with staff

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Q:  I’m a high school principal in Michigan. I was assigned to a new school in my district because I have a track record of turning around struggling schools. Not something I wanted, but it is what it is. I’m not the easiest person, but I get the job done. It was hard to leave [...]

Reading in a digital age


Even millennials acknowledge that whether you read on paper or a digital screen affects your attention on words and the ideas behind them. What are the implications for how we teach? By Naomi S. Baron The digital revolution has done much to reshape how students read, write, and access information in school. Once-handwritten essays are [...]

BACKTALK: Motivating students to turn the page on reading


Threats and quizzes won’t motivate students to invest in reading, but showing them how it contributes to a meaningful life just might make it click.  By Lauren Porosoff I have an embarrassing confession: I’m a middle school English teacher, but when I was in middle school, I didn’t read a single assigned book. Not one. [...]

Be an effective change agent at your child’s school


Don’t just get mad. Organize a group of like-minded people, focus on the problem, and put forward workable solutions. By Sarah M. Stitzlein Being engaged in education change is inherently a political process involving a struggle over the distribution of resources and power, which are at the heart of school improvement. Good parent political dissent [...]

Teacher hates a student, but sticking it out could be life-changing for both

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Q: I really can't stand a specific student. I just found out he will be in my class again this year. Teaching him once was more than enough! I know it's not politically correct to hate a student, but this kid is the worst. I've tried every classroom management strategy, but he just pushes all [...]

Kneeling during the national anthem: At schools, it’s protected speech

col - Underwood|

By Julie Underwood If high school football players — or other public school athletes — choose to “take a knee” during upcoming competitions, the First Amendment will support their action. NFL football differs from public high school football in many ways. Different rules apply — and not just different rules of play. As employees, professional [...]

Research and teacher self-inquiry reawaken learning


Some of the most useful research and thinking about education can happen with teachers in the classroom. By Megan Blumenreich and Beverly Falk  Teachers learn a lot from their everyday work as teachers. Encouraging teachers to think and act like researchers can build capacities for learning — for both teachers and students — when teachers [...]

Helicopter parents can be a good thing


Overprotective and overinvolved parents generally get a bad rap, but they can be a teacher’s ally and asset. By Julie Hiltz I work at an elementary school where helicopter parents are as ubiquitous as gold stars and untied shoelaces. There are parents who arrive for Meet the Teacher night an hour early before you’ve gotten [...]

Teacher resents being told to assign antiquated work

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Q: I’ve been teaching math for four years but will be new at my school this year. I’m also about 35 years younger than the head of my department. He assigned his incoming students pages and pages of summer math problems. They’re pretty brainless, rote stuff. It’s the kind of antiquated homework I did as [...]

Student discipline: The shame of shaming


A review of policy documents from nine leading charter management organizations reveals support for disciplinary practices that entail the shaming of students. By Joan F. Goodman  The ancient practice of shaming in school — remember dunce caps? — has recently resurfaced in the press. According to the New York Times, students who owe money to [...]

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