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Teacher can’t move beyond her mistake

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Q: I’m a high school math teacher. Five months ago, I made a stupid mistake. I accidentally sent personal information about one of the students in my class to a different student’s parents. I not only shared that this kid was failing, I expressed concern about his mental health. I know. The second parent knew the [...]

Principal frustrated by rigid teacher’s lack of empathy

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Q: I’m a principal at a large public high school in Wisconsin. As principal, I know some teachers will need more hand-holding than others, but one of my 9th-grade science teachers is really giving me a run for the money. She’s actually a competent teacher. Her students leave her class with a solid knowledge base, she [...]

Top 10 stories of 2017 from The Grade

The Grade|

The top 10 education journalism stories of 2017  from The Grade were determined by website traffic. Readers, these were your favorites. 10: A new journalism fellowship program modeled in part on Teach For America. 9:  Amy Shuffelton's look into the PBS-aired documentary series called Choice, Inc. 8:  The story behind the viral DeVos resignation rumor. 7:  Conor Williams's commentary [...]

How should principal handle teacher’s vague sexual harassment report? 

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Q: I’m a principal, and one of my teachers recently confided in me that she’s been sexually harassed by a male colleague. She said that he’s been asking her to perform sexual acts and making sexual comments. As she spoke, I had this gut sense that she’d been sexually assaulted and asked her if he’d made [...]

Top 10 online Kappan stories of 2017


As we bid adieu to 2017, let's take a look back at the most popular Kappan stories of the year. 2018 promises to be an exciting year for kappanonline.org. We have a new website planned. Podcasts, videos, and more interaction with readers are goals. We welcome your feedback on what we're doing well and what we could [...]

The complicated pursuit of democratic teaching 


Learning about democracy and living democratically present challenges in a high school social studies classroom.  By Brian Gibbs  What constitutes democratic social studies education? Broadly speaking, it is said to include deliberative instructional practice that focuses on controversial issues, explores political themes, and aims to close gaps in students’ civic literacy (e.g., Parker, 2003; Levinson, [...]

I want to advance, but my principal plays favorites

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Q: I work in a highly regarded school that’s full of ambitious people, including myself. I’d like to be an administrator. Even our principal wants to be promoted to director and oversee other principals. He makes self-serving decisions about which teachers to support. He caters to staff members he thinks might have useful connections in [...]

Can schools meet the promise of continuous improvement? 


New research offers insights on how leaders can actually make continuous improvement work.  By Mark A. Elgart  “Continuous improvement” has been part of the lexicon of school improvement for decades. Today, it is at least nominally at the heart of efforts to improve instruction both big and small: state accountability systems, district and school improvement plans, protocols [...]

From partisanship to pluralism: Teaching students how to listen to each other 


    A teacher-designed discussion protocol helps high school students have productive conversations about their political beliefs.  By Daniel Sussman  Jack is making noises again. It’s Meeting for Worship, a weekly gathering time at most Quaker schools, set aside for silent reflection, sharing of thoughts, community building, spiritual exploration, and the furtherance of Quaker values like [...]

How schools heal after a tragedy


Every tragedy is different but preparation, strong school/community ties, and disciplined follow-up can help every situation. By Cathy Kennedy-Paine, Melissa A. Reeves, and Stephen E. Brock • A tornado rips through a community, destroying one school and severely damaging another. • Three students are killed in an automobile accident on the way home from prom. [...]

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