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Teacher upset that her supervisor chose work over friendship

Career, Career Confidential|

Q: I’m a high school English teacher, and I’ve been thinking about leaving my school. I’ve been hesitant to make that public, though, because my principal’s ego is notoriously tied up in his staff retention numbers. Even if I ended up staying, I think he’d hold a grudge. Here’s where things get messy. I decided to share my [...]

The role of mentors in reducing chronic absenteeism


Dedicated adults from the community can help ensure students get to school each day. By Susan G. Weinberger and Janet B. Forbush In 2016, the U.S. Department of Education characterized chronic student absenteeism as a hidden educational crisis. So what constitutes chronic absenteeism? Most states define it as missing 10% or more of the school [...]

Teacher has no time to teach (badly needed) social-emotional skills

Career, Career Confidential|

Q: I’m an 8th-grade language arts teacher in a public school in California. My school talks a big game about educating the “whole child,” but we need every minute to get through the curriculum. My students need more than academics, though. I’m amazed at how rude they can be --- to me, to each other, [...]

What’s on the horizon for education policy?

col - Ferguson|

    What will education policy makers be talking about in the months ahead — and what should they talk about? At the start of each new year, it is customary for thought leaders in Washington’s policy world to share their predictions about the issues most likely to dominate the debate in their field over [...]

School uniforms, dress codes, and free expression: What’s the balance?

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  Requiring school uniforms may be less legally fraught than implementing a school dress code. More and more public schools are adopting school uniform policies. In 2013, 23% of public elementary schools and 15% of public high schools required students to wear uniforms — up from 3% of all schools in 1996 (NCES, 2016). Most [...]

Building trust, elevating voices, and sharing power in family partnership


A Colorado school district took a team approach to partnering with immigrant families in their children’s education. By Kristen Davidson and Madeleine Case Recognizing that school-family partnerships can have a powerful effect on student outcomes, many K-12 educators are moving their work with families from the periphery to the center of their school improvement efforts. [...]

The data on children’s media use: An interview with Michael Robb


The director of research for Common Sense Media shares recent findings on kids' online lives and digital media habits. By Rafael Heller KAPPAN: What should Kappan’s readers know about Common Sense Media, where you serve as director of research? MICHAEL ROBB: Common Sense is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in the digital [...]

When trauma hinders learning


What’s a teacher to do when difficult experiences in early childhood prevent children from entering kindergarten with the executive functions they need? By Donald A. Barr In the fall of 2015, a front-page story in the New York Times reported on the challenge a kindergarten teacher in Brooklyn faced in dealing with a difficult new [...]

2 challenges for community schools 

col - Starr|

I wrote my doctoral dissertation, back in 2001, on the topic of collaborative leadership. More specifically, I focused on the need for superintendents and directors of community service agencies to work together in support of at-risk youth.   My interest in the topic stemmed from my time as a teacher of severely emotionally disturbed adolescents in [...]

The more things change . . . 

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Last month, my 15-year-old son created a Facebook account. He friended me right away, which struck me as a kind gesture (what dad wouldn’t want to be his kid’s No. 1 friend?), but he had nothing nice to say about my homepage. “Seriously? A video of the dog playing with the sprinkler? A photo of me with [...]

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