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The revitalized tutoring center

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An embedded tutoring center closes achievement gaps by harnessing the power of peer tutors and collaborative teacher teams. By Jeremy Koselak If we really wanted schools to be the great equalizer, much would need to change. The challenges are endless, everything from changing funding mechanisms and recruitment strategies to addressing the needs of educators caught [...]

Backtalk: Why overlook microaffirmations?

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Microaffirmations communicate to students that they’re welcome, visible, and capable of performing well. By Todd L. Pittinsky A bright light can help you see, but it can also blind you. When I walk around classrooms today, I am more aware than ever of microaggressions. Research and public debate are now shining a light on everyday [...]

Less is more: The limitations of making judgments

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Teacher misperceptions about students’ ability to learn may play a role in the underrepresentation of black students in advanced mathematics classes. By Valerie Faulkner, Patricia L. Marshall,  Lee V. Stiff, and Cathy L. Crossland For two decades, at least, students’ scores on standardized reading and math assessments have been cited as evidence of persistent achievement [...]

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  Boost your ROI by getting your message to a 100% fully-paid readership base, including decision makers in schools, at district offices, and on campus! Phi Delta Kappan is a “must read” for movers and shakers in K-12 education. Kappan offers timely, relevant, and provocative insights on education policy, research, curriculum, and professional development. Kappan [...]

Teacher is sick of being the ‘go-to gay guy’

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Q: I'm a gay man who teaches 7th-grade social studies. I'm the only (openly) gay teacher in my building. As a result, I've become the go-to gay guy. Questions about homophobic graffiti or bullying or gender-neutral bathrooms all come my way. I'm happy to be a resource for parents whose kids are coming out or [...]

Teacher keeps failing to land a job as an administrator

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Q: I’m a teacher who wants to be an administrator. I did all the training to change tracks, and I took on a team leadership position in my school to build my resume. I told everyone I worked with about my plans, and then I interviewed for jobs. I had four interviews but didn’t get [...]

Defending your summer ‘break’

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Q: I always have the same annoyance this time of year. It feels like everyone I encounter tells me how lucky I am to have a job that allows me to “take it easy” all summer. Some people can barely hide their resentment. Occasionally, they’ll tell me I was so smart to choose a job with [...]

Trauma and learning in America’s classrooms

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  All teachers confront the need to create safe and supportive environments for students who have had adverse childhood experiences. By Salvatore Terrasi and Patricia Crain de Galarce Michael, a 2nd-grade student, has become defiant with this teachers, and his mother reports that he doesn’t want to go to school. Until recently, he was happy [...]

Disagreeing with a school discipline practice

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Q: I’m an 8th-grade teacher in Massachusetts, and our public school serves an at-risk population. It’s not uncommon for our students to throw chairs or get in fights. We’re trained to use physical restraint as needed, but as a small woman I don’t feel comfortable doing that. Some of the 14-year-olds are twice my size. [...]

Is it ethical for teacher to pitch his summer camp to his students?

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Q: I’m a teacher in Massachusetts, and I take on tutoring jobs to supplement my income. I’m very careful to make sure that when I tutor, I only work with kids I don’t teach. Tutoring my own students would be a clear conflict of interest. However, things seem fuzzier when it comes to teachers who run [...]

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