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Teachers lead the way in Denver 


A school born through collaboration attracted accomplished teachers, exemplifies leadership by teachers, and sets an example for students.  This story was originally published in April 2014. By Lori Nazareno  In 2007, I reached what I thought was a dead end. I had been teaching for 20 years, achieved my second National Board Certification, and founded an [...]

Should principal fire new, subpar teacher? 

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Q: I’m the principal of an elementary school. Last August, when we still didn’t have a 3rd-grade teacher, it was slim pickings. Still, I felt pretty good about the person I hired. I thought I got lucky. He was relatively inexperienced, but he was energetic and had a glowing recommendation from his last employer. He had taught [...]

The right start: Creating a strong foundation for the teaching career


A quality system of teacher evaluation would be built on high-quality preparation and evaluated authentically through performance assessments that develop and measure beginning teacher effectiveness. By Linda Darling-Hammond From the Kappan archives. This story was originally published in November 2012. Educators know — and research confirms — that every aspect of school reform depends for [...]

Tier 4 evidence: ESSA’s hidden gem 


Under the Every Student Succeeds Act, state education leaders have a lot of flexibility to design and test new interventions for struggling schools.   By Carrie Conaway Now that policy makers across the country have begun to implement their Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) state plans, they must decide how best to meet the law’s requirements for the use [...]

Advertise with Phi Delta Kappan!


  Boost your ROI by getting your message to a 100% fully-paid readership base, including decision makers in schools, at district offices, and on campus! Phi Delta Kappan is a “must read” for movers and shakers in K-12 education. Kappan offers timely, relevant, and provocative insights on education policy, research, curriculum, and professional development. Kappan [...]

How can betrayed administrator learn to trust again?

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Q: I’m an assistant principal in a high school, and I’m in the applicant pool to become a principal. I’ve always had a strong, trusting rapport with a colleague who used to work with me. She was a teacher then, but she’s now an assistant principal at the high school where I hope to be placed. I [...]

What makes difficult history difficult? 


The study of history may challenge students’ preconceptions about their nation, but that doesn’t mean we should shy away from hard truths.  By Magdalena H. Gross and Luke Terra  You may have seen similar images: A crowd of people wielding torches surrounding a statue, a burning cross, or a hanging body. Until last summer, many of [...]

Learning from school reform failures 


What can education leaders, advocates, and policy makers learn from the failures of recent high-profile school reform initiatives?  By Jay P. Greene and Michael Q. McShane  Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.  — Samuel Beckett  American education is littered with failed reforms. Across the country, we see charter schools that have [...]

Libraries offer freedom from reading level limitations


The stories of two 1st graders demonstrate why students need spaces where they can choose what, when, and how they read.  By Alyson Rumberger  Mark and James attend City Partnership School, which is located in a historically Black urban neighborhood in the northeastern United States. Like many elementary schools across the country, City Partnership uses a [...]

Big money and its influence on K-12 education: An interview with Sarah Reckhow 


Kappan’s editor talks with Sarah Reckhow about her research into the ways the Gates Foundation and other big spenders have influenced K-12 education.  By Rafael Heller  KAPPAN: In preparation for this issue of Kappan, we compiled a list of all the people who wield power and influence over K-12 education, from the local level to state capitals to Washington, D.C. [...]

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