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To lead for equity, learn how the system works

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It’s not enough to be passionate about social justice. School leaders can’t make positive change unless they know how school systems really work. By Joshua P. Starr I recently attended a meeting with about 40 people involved in K-12 public education at multiple levels: academics, state and district leaders, heads of nonprofit and advocacy groups, [...]

An interesting year of cases in the U.S. Supreme Court

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    A number of recent Supreme Court decisions are likely to have significant implications for K-12 education. By Julie Underwood One thing about being a U.S. Supreme Court watcher is that it is never dull. Recently, for example, we’ve seen an unexpected vacancy caused by the death of the noted and highly visible Justice [...]

A new push for integrating college and career preparation?

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  This year’s PDK poll reveals a sharp rise in public support for integrating academic and career preparation. By Maria Ferguson What a difference a year can make. In fall 2016, the country appeared to be headed toward another milestone — after electing the nation’s first African-American president, voters seemed poised to make history again [...]

Practical preparation for all

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I never thought of myself as a vocational student when I was in high school. But, in fact, my daily high school newspaper class was a practical course with direct career implications. For one hour five days a week — plus scads of hours after school — my classmates and I did everything that was [...]

Don’t make me talk to adults! Public speaking isn’t my thing

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Q: I teach in a school in an area where lots of districts have open enrollment choice plans so parents can select any school they want for their children. Our school is really good, but we’re having trouble ramping up our enrollment, and my principal is understandably anxious. She wants teachers to “get out there” [...]

Lessons from a disaster on the Great Plains


Floodwater from the Souris River surrounds the Ramstad Junior High School in Minot, N.D., on Monday, June 27, 2011. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast). Floodwaters swept away homes, schools, and other buildings in Minot, N.D., in 2011. The community rallied to continue providing an education for its children, teaching us all lessons in how it’s done. By [...]

Learning from schools that close opportunity gaps


  The Schools of Opportunity project recognizes public high schools that exemplify how research-based practices can challenge and support all students. By Sarah E. LaCour, Adam York, Kevin Welner, Michelle Renée Valladares, and Linda Molner Kelley Policy makers, journalists, and many parents tend to equate high-quality schools with high scores on standardized tests. Based on [...]

Is gender bias to blame for teacher’s firing?

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Q: I just had a startling conversation with a colleague, Naomi, who’s a high school department chair. She told me she was feeling guilty because she had maneuvered to cut a teacher’s job. This teacher, Sandra, recently had her fourth baby. “I feel bad,” Naomi said, “but honestly, I think she should be home with her [...]

Prayer at a public school staff meeting?

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Q: Last week was the staff’s first day back at work to start the new school year. Of course, we had a staff meeting, and the principal began by asking us all to bow our heads for a prayer. Honestly, I was too shocked to say anything at all. I work with a lot of teachers [...]

Will job-hopping damage millennial teacher’s career?

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Q: I’m a teacher who’s part of the millennial generation. As a group, we have a reputation for not being especially loyal to employers and for job hopping when better opportunities come along. I guess that means I’m a cliché. I can’t imagine spending five, let alone 15 years (or more) in the same school. [...]

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