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Making the most of instructional coaches


  Although coaching shows promise for professional development, some instructional coaches are spread too thin to focus on instruction. By Britnie Delinger Kane and Brooks Rosenquist Instructional coaching is among the fastest-growing forms of support for teachers’ professional learning (Darling-Hammond et al., 2009), and for good reason. When compared to other common forms of teacher [...]

How school counselors make a world of difference


  The multifaceted work of school counselors helps prepare  students academically and emotionally for life beyond school.  By Patrick J. O’Connor  Long considered an integral part of a school’s support system, school counselors bring a wealth of insight and resources to a variety of student-centered issues. As part of a team of mental health experts, [...]

Work to the contract or keep doing ‘extras’?

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Q: This is the time of year when my district is developing its budget and my union is negotiating a new contract. Things are always tense when this happens. The union has not instructed us to “work to the contract,” but many teachers have decided to limit their extra work to make a point. For [...]

What a difference a district can make: An interview with Meredith Honig 


  While they’re often overlooked in education policy debates, district central office staff can play critical roles in improving schools and ensuring student success.  By Rafael Heller  KAPPAN: After we announced the theme of this month’s issue of Kappan — on the many adults, beyond teachers and principals, who matter to student success — we received manuscripts about [...]

A wider vision of learning and assessment


In the Harbor Freight Fellows Initiative, high-potential students who struggle in traditional CTE programs demonstrate their ability to learn outside school.  By Elliot Washor  Actor Peter Falk, made famous by his role as Columbo in the eponymous 1970s television series, once shared a story about his glass eye. When he was three years old, he explained, he had retinoblastoma and had to [...]

Principal upset that parents escalate complaints above him 

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Q: I’m a reasonable person and a responsive principal. I say no to parents when I need to, but I’m always happy to consider their point of view. I try to help when I can. I’m willing to meet in person, and I almost always respond to every email within 24 hours. I know I [...]

School nurses: An investment in student achievement 


  Students enter school with a variety of mental and physical health needs, and school nurses are on the front line of addressing them.  By Erin D. Maughan  Juaquin has his head down again. Is he asleep (again) or not feeling well (again)? Nevaeh is back after being gone for nearly three weeks at the [...]

Librarian feels misunderstood and mistreated

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Q: I’m a librarian, and my role is often misunderstood. Some parents think of me as a dinosaur and don’t understand why the school wastes money on my position. They think that because information is available online, there’s no need for library instruction. One parent even emailed the principal to argue that the school needs [...]

Principal wants to convince teacher to retire

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Q:  I’m a principal in California. We have a teacher on staff who’s nearing the end of her decades-long career. She’s a sweetheart and highly respected, and she’s been an excellent teacher for decades. Unfortunately, she’s not performing well anymore. She doesn’t want to learn new technologies, whether it’s analyzing tests or using online grading [...]

Who’s really driving student outcomes?

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School bus drivers not only get students to school safely, they help create a positive attitude toward learning. By Anthony R. Meals When I was a student, I took many unremarkable bus rides to and from middle school, but today’s ride was anything but ordinary. Approaching my first stop, I switched on the manual ambers. [...]

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