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Is teaching in a private school better?

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Q: I’m a public school teacher, and I’m contemplating a switch to private. I’m so torn. I’m really sick of the emphasis on testing and the huge amount of paperwork and bureaucracy in public. I like the idea of having more teaching freedom. I worry that I’ll mainly be teaching students of privilege, will give up [...]

Frat culture at school


Q: I’m a male head of school at a private, all-boys high school in New England. I haven’t been here very long, and this is my first time taking on this role. I’ve always worked at coed schools so I knew I might experience culture shock, but the differences go well beyond what I’d imagined. [...]

Crabby colleagues


Q: My school is full of chronic complainers, and it’s starting to get to me. I’m the principal, and all the gripes eventually make their way to me, usually secondhand. I even hear complaints about all the complaining! I try to set the tone — I’m positive and friendly, I clearly state our values, I [...]

The co-teacher is lazy!


Q: I’m an English teacher in an inclusion classroom. I co-teach with a special educator, Mike. I use the word “co-teach” loosely because I’m not sure he’s doing any teaching. I stand at the front of the room and do the heavy lifting. He’s like a bee buzzing around “pollinating the flowers.” He checks to [...]

My mentor is a bully


Q: I’m a graduate student in an education program, and I hope to be a middle school math teacher when I’m certified. As part of my program, I’m required to complete an internship with an experienced teacher. My university professor assigns work that I need to do in the school setting so I get “real [...]

Managing up


Q: I’ve been a high school assistant principal for two years. I’ll be completely honest; I think I could do a better job running the school than Natalie, my principal, and I want her job. She’s indecisive, too soft, and low-energy. She delegates to the point that I feel like I’m doing her job anyway. [...]

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