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How to react when a teacher is too loose with students online


Q: I’m a high school teacher and baseball coach in my early 30s. My students relate to me, but I work hard to make sure they view me as their teacher, not their friend. I use social media, but I don’t interact with kids online. The only exception is Facebook, which I use to organize [...]

The next Scalia?

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Reading Neil Gorsuch’s opinions on education-related cases offers a few insights on how he might respond in future decisions. In this season of presidential appointments, we’ve all been watching as Congress and others have probed the backgrounds of candidates to get some idea about how these individuals will serve this country. Any presidential appointment is [...]

How to give credit when credit is due


Q: I’m the principal of a middle school and am struggling to figure out ways to honor teachers who are doing good work. In the past, I have called attention to their accomplishments at staff meetings. Recently, when I privately complimented a teacher for going above and beyond, she nervously asked me not to mention [...]

Teaching students of color: Looking race in the face


Schools that achieve strong results with black students address race directly and teach in ways that empower students to learn. By Derek Mitchell, Jesse Hinueber, and Brian Edwards To promote equality, many educators try to be “colorblind.” They try to look past the race of their students to avoid bias and create a refuge from [...]

Design principles for new systems of assessment


Rather than being led by national testing mandates, state and local leaders should design balanced assessment systems guided by coherence, research on learning, and attention to equity. By Lorrie A. Shepard, William R. Penuel, and Kristen L. Davidson When Congress passed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in December 2015, it carried forward many of [...]

Charter schools don’t serve black children well

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The nation’s largest civil rights organization steps up its opposition to charter schools just as a president and new education secretary appear ready to kick the sector into high gear. by Joan Richardson AN INTERVIEW WITH JULIAN VASQUEZ HEILIG KAPPAN: What’s your perspective on what led the NAACP to conclude that a moratorium on the [...]

How to write an opinion essay and why you should do it now

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A prolific op-ed writer says educators should spend more time sharing their ideas by becoming proficient at writing opinion pieces. By Marybeth Gasman As educators, we often think of ourselves as instilling ideas and learning in others through our teaching and research. Our teaching occurs inside classrooms or sometimes in hallways, and our research is [...]

Speak freely to the school board

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School boards can enact rules about public comments at their meetings, but they cannot impede someone’s right to speak, whether they are employees or the public. Access and input to decision making by public bodies, including school boards, is an important part of the American democratic system. How does the public, including school district employees, [...]

Spending dollars to make a difference

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Make a stronger case for greater resources by first doing a deep dive on how you’re using resources already on hand. School superintendents rarely get fired for moving too slowly to improve student achievement. However, when it comes to financial mistakes and improprieties — or the perception of them — they tend to lose their [...]

Choice for Secretary of Education

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The new Secretary of Education is likely to have a hard time pushing her school choice agenda. Donald Trump’s selection of billionaire Betsy DeVos as the next Secretary of Education generated an impressive amount of news when it was announced in late 2016, despite the fact that little attention was paid to education during the [...]

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