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Microcredentials show what you know

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Giving beginning teachers — as early as high school students exploring teaching — opportunities to demonstrate what they know is one strategy for enhancing the profession. By Dan Brown and Dwight E. Rhodes Over the past decade, the concept of personalized student learning has taken center stage in discussions about educational improvement. Now it’s time [...]

The lure of teaching

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A newly minted teacher of elementary and special education recounts her long journey to a teaching credential. Jillian Stelma was walking through the halls of her high school when a girl touched her back and changed her life. A girl she did not know was tracing a number on her back, and, when Jillian turned [...]

The shape of the federal role in education

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No matter what President Trump and Secretary DeVos might claim, their power to influence K-12 education is limited — significant, but limited. Just about everybody thinks they’re an expert on education; after all, just about everybody has been to school. But while many Americans are intimately familiar with their local schools, most have no idea [...]

Organizing for adaptive change management

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If schools are going to adapt and improve in meaningful ways, then central office leaders must lead the way by being facilitators, funders, advisers, evaluators, and quality assurance agents. One day, when I was a district superintendent, I visited two high schools we had identified as “needing improvement.” I was there to share our strategy [...]

You say ‘records,’ and I say ‘data’

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FERPA, the most widely used federal education law, has not kept pace with changing times.  FERPA — the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act — is one of the most commonly encountered education laws in the U.S. Any educational institution that receives federal funds must follow FERPA mandates, so the law touches almost every institution [...]

Solving the teacher shortage: Revisiting the lessons we’ve learned


By Barnett Berry and Patrick M. Shields Over the next decade, we will recruit and hire more than 2 million teachers for America’s schools. More than half the teachers who will be teaching 10 years from now will be hired during the next decade. If we can focus our energies on preparing this generation of [...]

Should teachers attend students’ after-school events?


Q: I’m a high school teacher. My principal wants us to attend students’ performances, plays, and games. He doesn’t force any of us to go, but he strongly encourages staff to attend. He acknowledges that it’s outside our duty day, but he believes that faculty should want to get involved in after-school events. I don’t [...]

Supporting or pushing?


Q: I’ve been a high school math department chair for three years. Erin has been one of our math teachers for 14 years. She’s excellent, but we’ve clashed from the start. When I bring up new ideas, she’s always the first to question me. She was passed over for my job, and I think it’s [...]

Failure must be an option for success

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Starting down the road to project-based learning with a teaching staff that had been trained and experienced in an instructional program with a bias toward direct teacher-led instruction can be a bumpy journey. Project-based learning requires not only a new paradigm but also that the teacher develop such habits as a focus on the student role in learning and fostering creative problem solving.

Losing your job


Q: It’s “transfer season” for my large public school system. This is the time when schools get staffing allocations and teachers find out whether their jobs are safe. Well, my .6 literacy position has been cut. I still have a guaranteed job in the county, but I have to leave a school where I’ve happily [...]

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