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Through our eyes: Perspectives from black teachers


Black teachers bring unique skills to their work that often go far beyond their roles as content experts and instructors. By Ashley Griffin and Hilary Tackie “The difference I would like to make is a difference that my 5th-grade teacher, an African-American woman, made on me,” says an elementary teacher from Oakland, Calif., who is [...]

Opening your door to research

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  By Melody Zoch and Ann D. David Whenever we read, “research says . . . ,” we assume that what follows is synonymous with good instruction, assessment, or practice. However, given the differences among communities, schools, classrooms, and teachers, that same phrase can be used to turn those differences into deficits. For example, counting [...]

Getting students to believe in themselves


Surrounding students with messages that they have the ability to learn is at the core of closing the achievement gap. By Jon Saphier Students of color in America are at the center of a vortex of forces that have created an achievement gap. What a close look at these forces reveals is that the achievement [...]

Critical consciousness: A key to student achievement


Black students can achieve at higher levels when schools teach them how to see, name, and challenge racial oppression. By Aaliyah El-Amin, Scott Seider, Daren Graves, Jalene Tamerat, Shelby Clark, Madora Soutter, Jamie Johannsen, and Saira Malhotra Research has suggested that critical consciousness — the ability to recognize and analyze systems of inequality and the [...]

Being #2  

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A school administrator shares how he handles the stresses of a job that, by its nature, often holds him responsible for things he cannot change.  By Maury Grebenau I’m the principal of a high school but second in command. Although we school administrators share many challenges as we practice our sacred craft, there are specific [...]

Time for teacher learning, planning critical for school reform


Students aren’t the only ones who need more time to learn; teachers also need more and better time for learning and for planning. By Eileen G. Merritt Teachers accomplish so many important things with such little time. They teach several subjects or courses each day, review student work, plan differentiated lessons to meet the needs [...]

Why I got rid of my desk


What happens when a teacher removes the time-honored symbol of power from his classroom? By Matthew R. Morris I feel bad when I take a day off. I imagine the substitute teacher looking around my classroom, trying to locate that spot where they can clearly define their territory and mark their space as the commander-in-chief [...]

Burnout factories:  The challenge of retaining great teachers in charter schools


In its well-intentioned effort to create alternatives to public school dropout factories, the charter school sector has created teacher burnout factories. But, says the author, it doesn’t have to be this way. By Mark Fusco A few years ago, the term “dropout factory” was everywhere: lamented by the leaders of the so-called school reform movement, [...]

Madam Secretary, help us improve social-emotional learning


Schools need to begin to systematically include social-emotional learning for all students. Washington can play a leading role in this. By Maurice J. Elias, Samuel J. Nayman, Joan C. Duffell, and Sarah A. Kim Somewhere on the warm, sunny, and well-manicured campus of Stanford University, a group of children were given a choice. They could [...]

Education laid waste

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Now is the time to stand up for public education and reject President Trump’s disastrous “school choice” agenda. By David C. Bloomfield President’s Trump’s devastating education policies are another step closer to reality. The administration’s recent budget announcement follows his appointment of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and White House Education Adviser Rob Goad to lead [...]

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