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Microcredentials: Teacher learning transformed


Microcredentials offer a new way for teachers to document their learning using work samples, videos, and other artifacts and have the potential to transform professional development. By Barnett Berry, Kathleen M. Airhart, and P. Ann Byrd We teachers are passionate about our professional learning. But rarely are we able to use artifacts from our classroom [...]

Mixing guns and schools

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Schools are subject to an often-conflicting array of gun regulations from three levels of government. Educators and parents want schools to be safe places for children. And as the PDK national poll has shown, parents overwhelmingly believe that their children are safe at school. But tragedies do occur, such as the mass murders at Columbine [...]

Later start time for teens improves grades, mood, and safety

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  New research shows that high school students benefit in many ways from later start times. By Kyla L. Wahlstrom It all began with a phone call 20 years ago to the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI) at the University of Minnesota in August 1996. The superintendent of Minnesota’s Edina School District [...]

On the science and teaching of emotional intelligence: An interview with Marc Brackett


Students will struggle in and out of school unless they feel emotionally safe and have the skills and language to manage their emotions. A key researcher explains how schools can help in that effort. By Rafael Heller KAPPAN: What’s the mission of your organization, the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence? BRACKETT: In the broadest sense, [...]

Absenteeism matters to schools and students


By Robert Balfanz

The transgender question: What are schools to do? 

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As the debate goes on, schools must protect students and comply with the law.  Over the past six months, considerable media and legal attention have been focused on the rights of transgender students in public schools. Last month, a Kappan article, “Seven reasons for accommodating transgender students at school,” tackled the arguments against providing transgender students access [...]

Student online speech rights on and off campus

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  If off-campus online speech presents the likelihood of a disruption on campus, administrators can respond by disciplining the responsible students. Students do not “shed their rights to freedom of speech and expression at the schoolhouse gate.” — Tinker v. Des Moines, 393 U.S. 503 (1969) Nearly 50 years ago, Justice Abe Fortas penned those [...]

In reform decisions, somebody knew consequences

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“Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated,” sputtered the leader, as it finally dawned on him that, no matter how many times he snapped his fingers, he couldn’t conjure up effective and affordable medical coverage for millions of Americans. Pleased by the media’s response, “Nobody knew. . . ” became his signature line. [...]

What a real high-performing school looks like


Just because a school is labeled “high-performing” doesn’t mean it’s teaching the full range of skills needed for successful adulthood. But there are islands of excellence where teachers are doing just that. By James Nehring, Megin Charner-Laird, and Stacy Szczesiul What skills do you need to be a successful adult? It turns out there are [...]

Revising the role of principal supervisor

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Principal supervisors are part coach, part evaluator. They keep their principals focused on teaching and learning. By Amy Saltzman There were dark moments that first year. In 2014, Principal Elizabeth Namba inherited a school that faced multiple challenges, including a troubling achievement gap, drastically decreased enrollment, and a growing suspension rate. But when she found [...]

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