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Should teachers attend students’ after-school events?


Q: I’m a high school teacher. My principal wants us to attend students’ performances, plays, and games. He doesn’t force any of us to go, but he strongly encourages staff to attend. He acknowledges that it’s outside our duty day, but he believes that faculty should want to get involved in after-school events. I don’t [...]

Supporting or pushing?


Q: I’ve been a high school math department chair for three years. Erin has been one of our math teachers for 14 years. She’s excellent, but we’ve clashed from the start. When I bring up new ideas, she’s always the first to question me. She was passed over for my job, and I think it’s [...]

Failure must be an option for success

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Starting down the road to project-based learning with a teaching staff that had been trained and experienced in an instructional program with a bias toward direct teacher-led instruction can be a bumpy journey. Project-based learning requires not only a new paradigm but also that the teacher develop such habits as a focus on the student role in learning and fostering creative problem solving.

Losing your job


Q: It’s “transfer season” for my large public school system. This is the time when schools get staffing allocations and teachers find out whether their jobs are safe. Well, my .6 literacy position has been cut. I still have a guaranteed job in the county, but I have to leave a school where I’ve happily [...]

Orchestrating a new approach to learning

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Over the past several years, the Phoenix Symphony has built a thriving arts integration program in partnership with its local school district. By Michael Kaplan  For decades, the Phoenix Symphony has played an important role in making Arizona one of the nation’s best places to work and live. Not only does it bring world-class performances [...]

What real high performance looks like

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Just because a school is labeled “high-performing” doesn’t mean it’s teaching the full range of skills needed for successful adulthood. But there are islands of excellence where teachers are doing just that. By James Nehring, Megin Charner-Laird, and Stacy Szczesiul What skills do you need to be a successful adult? It turns out there are [...]

Prepare students to be citizens

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Closing the civic empowerment gap requires schools to take a new approach to civic learning that is more oriented toward action. By Meira Levinson Even during election season, we can be sure that most American students won’t spend significant time in school studying the issues, learning about the candidates, and developing expertise in the political [...]

The art of partnerships: Community resources for arts education


The shift from the No Child Left Behind Act to the recently authorized Every Student Succeeds Act could beckon a renaissance of K-12 arts education in the U.S. By Daniel H. Bowen and Brian Kisida When Congress passed the Every Student Succeeds Act in 2015, arts advocates were relieved to see that the new law [...]

The next Scalia?

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Reading Neil Gorsuch’s opinions on education-related cases offers a few insights on how he might respond in future decisions.  President Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia has sparked many questions about how he will affect the court’s ideological balance. Will he be less conservative than Scalia, more so, [...]

Culture, tweets, and change

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When I was transitioning from being superintendent in Stamford, Conn., to being superintendent in Montgomery County, Md., I knew that while the title was the same, the jobs were very different. Not only was Stamford a tenth of the size of my new district but the work I had led there for six years had [...]

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