PHI DELTA KAPPAN • April 2017 • Vol. 98, No. 6


8          The art of partnerships: Community resources for arts education — Daniel H. Bowen and Brian Kisida

15        On the goals and outcomes of arts education: An interview with Lois Hetland — Rafael Heller

21        Let’s get rid of art education in schools — Danny Gregory

23        Orchestrating a new approach to learning — Michael Kaplan

29        A districtwide commitment to arts integration — Eileen Mackin, Robert Mackin, John Obremski, and Katherine McKie


34        Movement and learning in elementary school — Suzanne F. Lindt and Stacia C. Miller

38        What real high performance looks like — James Nehring, Megin Charner-Laird, and Stacy Szczesiul

43        Building a better measure of school quality — Jack Schneider, Rebecca Jacobsen, Rachel White, and Hunter Gehlbach

49        Teacher self-captured video: Learning to see — Miriam Gamoran Sherin and Elizabeth B. Dyer

55       Less is more: The limitations of judgment — Valerie Faulkner, Patricia L. Marshall, Lee V. Stiff, and Cathy L. Crossland

61       Got grit? Maybe . . . — Brent Duckor

67        Teaching with evidence — Margaret Crocco, Anne-Lise Halvorsen, Rebecca Jacobsen, and Avner Segall


4          THE EDITOR’S NOTE: Somebody knew — Joan Richardson

6          HIGHLIGHTED & UNDERLINED: A notebook of short but worthy items

72        LEADERSHIP: Culture, tweets, and change — Joshua P. Starr

74        WASHINGTON VIEW: Good time to be a data nerd — Maria Ferguson

76        UNDER THE LAW: The next Scalia? — Julie Underwood

79        PDK CONNECTION: Organizational news about PDK International

80        BACKTALK: To engage students in STEM, engage them in the world — José M. Torres