About Career Confidential

In Career Confidential, educator Phyllis L. Fagell answers questions about work when the school is your place of work. Why? Because kids aren’t the only ones who come to school every day. The adults working in schools have their own unique challenges. And not all of them are related to students. How do you navigate the rocky shoals in the relationships between adults in the building, between educators and parents, between educators and the community? How do you balance work and family issues? How do you decide when a new career option is right for you? Fagell draws on her extensive experience as a school counselor to help educators like you think through some options for responding to the tricky situations in your work life. In her day job, Fagell is the school counselor at the Sheridan School in Washington, D.C., and a licensed clinical professional counselor at Chrysalis Group, Inc., Bethesda, Md. In addition to Career Confidential, she regularly writes about parenting, counseling, and education for The Washington Post.

Submit your questions to her at careerconfidential@pdkintl.org. All names and schools will remain confidential. No identifying information will be included in the published questions and answers.