There’s a consultant for that: When school districts are doing too much but can’t help themselves 

Consultants can expand a district’s ability to enact change if leaders pay attention to issues of coherence, capacity, and commitment.   By John J. Hall  I have had the privilege of working with a range of schools and [...]

Top 10 reasons students plagiarize & what teachers can do about it (with apologies to David Letterman) 

Students may plagiarize for many reasons, ranging from laziness to sloppiness to a lack of understanding about the reason for citations, but teachers can employ a series of strategies to prevent problems while also teaching [...]

Politicizing pedagogy: Teaching for liberty and justice at urban schools

Learning about and debating controversial topics is insufficient. Students must grapple with issues that truly matter to their local communities.  By Suneal Kolluri  Every year, I opened the first day of my government class by asking students [...]